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How much does Gradlancer Graduates' Elite Search package cost?

The cost depends on our clients' requirements. Call a member of our team today on 0208 914 8396 for more information!

What is Pay as you post?

Our 'Pay as you post' package allows employers to register on to Gradlancer without paying a monthly fee. This package is best suited for employers wishing to pay for each individual project they post.

Premium Posting

The Gradlancer platform allows employers to target the most relevant students through 'Premium' & 'Premium Alert' posting. Relevant students can be notified immediately when the project is live & have it listed at the top of their search listings.

How long do my project or job posts run for?

All project and job posts can run up to 30 days giving you greater scope in which to attract the best students or graduates! You are also free to run more than one project or job at a time.

Can I upgrade my Gradlancer package?

Yes, of course! You can upgrade at any time after payment has been taken for your original package, but enjoy the benefits of your upgraded package for free until your next billing day!

What is the difference between a project and a job?

The project function of the website allows clients to put up part-time or freelance job roles that require a university student to complete. The job function is there to provide full-time opportunities to current UK university graduates.